We’re your dream come true. Night...

Believe the hype, silk really is all that. It eliminates baby bald spots and knotted tresses—making bedtime a breeze and child’s play of your morning routine. Nourishing the most sensitive sleepers, your family wake refreshed and you... as flawless as the night before.

...and day.

Our exclusive range means we’ll care for your loved ones anytime, any place. Strolling in the park? Our Versatile Seat Slip has you covered. Or maybe a siesta? From elegant pillow slips to silk cot slips, mimọ silk is pure joy for the whole family.

Silk is no longer confined to boutique hotels, or Alexis Colby’s boudoir. We’re beloved of mothers across the globe and the darling of the beauty industry.

So, isn’t it time you woke up to silk?

Why Silk?

Sensational for sleep, read on to discover why silk ceaselessly soothes the senses.

Holistic & Hypoallergenic

Recommended by dermatologists and allergy specialists, silk is anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites, creating the ideal environment for newborns, asthma or eczema sufferers. Our silk is certified OEKO-TEX® standard 100 non-toxic.

Beauty’s Best Kept Secret

Silk contains Sericin, a protein bursting with 18 amino acids to minimise water loss. Whilst wondrously hydrating for sensitive newborns, silk is non-absorbant, amplifying your skincare regime as you sleep. Drench your skin, and not your pillow, with those gossamer night creams.

Banish Bald Spots

Silk’s exquisite sheen eclipses that of traditional cotton or bamboo, eliminating the friction that causes baby bald spots.

Goodnight Bed Head

Skin and hair glide over silk, reducing static, tangles and careless knots. Cooling and temperature regulating, little ones wake up renewed and you, well, as flawless as the night before.

… and So Long Sleep Wrinkles

Sensually soft and sumptuous to the touch, abandon gauche facial creases for elegant radiance.